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MM 99.5
1500 Ocean Bay Dr., Key Largo, FL 33037




 Our ideas:  What we would like to see implemented, is the e-mailing of a check log with all payees and amounts, every month (and meeting notices and Board meeting minutes), to all interested Homeowners.
The fact that the information is provided, even if only a few sign up for it, will keep the Association on its toes. If a Homeowner sees an area that may be done cheaper or more efficiently, he/she can do something about it.
Wide-open" information and communications with and betwen Homeowners, by e-mail, will bring us into the 21st Century.
You can see below an example of how it's being done by one of the largest School Districts in the U.S.
The Dade County School Board has placed its check register online; click on the link
FLORIDA  (01.14.08)
Miami-Dade CPS

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We know we are running against the current.


This is not the official website of any Association in Kawama.

There are no guarantees of honest elections under the current Florida Condo Elections system.

Elections in Condominium Associations are done mostly by absentee balloting, with the ballots going either to the Board (up for re-election), or to the Manager, an employee serving at the pleasure of the Board.

Voting rights disappear, the minute we do not have the guarantee of integrity for an election. We do not send absentee ballots to the Republican National Committee, (Republicans currently in power in the State), or to the Democratic party, in Broward. We have "Electoral Boards", to handle elections at every level.

The State of Florida must do more. Write the Governor, and tell him you need more protection from the State, from abusive Associations. 

Internet-based Condominium Association Information System.
This site was created on Saturday, October 28, 2000

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To file a complaint with the State about any Condominium Association, please click on:"complaint"

To see Florida statutes on Condominiums, click on: 


Most important: "The Association" 718.111, and "Bylaws" 718.112


An explanation of the Organization of the Kawama Complex

The Kawama Complex has basically five Condominiums, each with their own Condominium Association, as follows:
Phase I: Kawama Yacht Club of Key Largo (60 units)
Old Villas (facing the ocean)
Phase II: Townhouses of Kawama (60 units)
New Villas (in general, facing the Marina)
Tower (48 units)

(Please, notice that those are the common names that we have all learned to use. The legal names of the respective Condominium Associations may differ.)

The first two Condominiums date from the 70's. Townhouses dates from the 80's. The more recent New Villas and Tower date from the 90's.

If you purchase a Condo in any of the above, by virtue of the documents, bylaws, covenants and restrictions that come with your purchase, you are a member of it's respective Condominium Association. At the same time, you are also a member of "Kawama Homeowners Association".

You pay monthly assessments (sometimes also called maintenance assessments, or "maintenance") to your Condominium Association.

In addition, all 195 Homeowners in the 5 Condominium Associations listed above, also pay monthly assessments to Kawama Homeowners Association.

Despite it's name, Kawama Homeowners Association is not a "Homeowners Association" as defined by Florida statutes.

Kawama Homeowners Association is a Master Association, a very important distinction, because it places it directly under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Condominiums (see the links page)and must follow Condominium Statutes just as any other Condominium Association.




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